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Cyriax Approach

What is the Cyriax Approach?

The cyriax approach is a physical therapy method within the realm of orthopedic medicine that focuses on the treatment of soft tissue lesions around the body. It has been proven to treat any condition affecting the tendons, ligaments, muscles, and bursa along the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spines of the body.

This method was created by Dr. James Cyriax, MD, who was an Internist and Orthopedic Surgeon in England. His study of medicine began in the early 1920s and focuses heavily on diagnosis of soft tissue musculoskeletal issues. His extensive studies within the fields of medicine coalesced into a streamlined examination system and treatment plan for soft tissue lesions surrounding the joints – thus, the cyriax approach was born.

At Vanderlinde Physical Therapy, we are happy to say that we employ the same principles of the cyriax approach into our own methods of treatment. For more information on how this treatment method may benefit you and your soft tissues, contact our Boca Raton, FL physical therapy office today.

What should I know about the Cyriax Approach?

The Cyriax Approach follows a proven plan of diagnosis and treatment. When these steps are followed, a patient is able to effectively and efficiently receive the successful pain relief they need for their specific condition.

We believe the American Academy/Association of Orthopedic Medicine describes the three basic principles of the cyriax approach best:

  1. Every pain has a source.
  2. Treatment must reach the source.
  3. Treatment must benefit the source in order to relieve the pain. Most sources of pain in a musculoskeletal system can be localized to a specific tissue. We look carefully in a systematic manner to isolate the cause of pain, and then treat it specifically. A specific diagnosis leads to successful treatment.

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If you are interested in discovering the proven benefits of the cyriax method and how it can help you find fast and effective pain relief, contact Vanderlinde Physical Therapy today at Boca Raton, FL Center. We’ll help you schedule an appointment with one of our licensed physical therapists so you can get started on the first steps of the cyriax approach!