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Cyriax Friction Massage

What Can I Gain From Cyriax Friction Massage?

Friction massage is a type of physical therapy treatment that originated in England, focusing on the deep tissue cross-friction of tendons.

This method was created by Dr. James Cyriax, MD, who was an Internist and Orthopedic Surgeon in England. His study of medicine began in the early 1920s and focuses heavily on diagnosis of soft tissue musculoskeletal issues.

His extensive studies within the fields of medicine coalesced into a streamlined examination system and treatment plan for soft tissue lesions surrounding the joints. This is how the idea of friction massage began, as a way to provide patients with relief for the pain they may be feeling along their spine and surrounding their joints.

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Cyriax friction massage, defined

The purpose of performing friction massage is to help the patient maintain and strengthen mobility within their soft tissues. This includes the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Friction massage is what can be referred to as a “deep tissue massage,” as it is applied transversely to the specific tissue that has been affected, as opposed to a traditional massage that simply focuses on enhanced circulation through the body.

Because friction massage targets the soft tissues specifically, patients are able to find fast and effective pain relief, in addition to improved function through this type of treatment.

According to Physiopedia, the application of friction massage contains five basic principles. These include:

  1. The proper location must be found through proper evaluation procedures and palpation of the specific tendon, ligament, or muscle.
  2. Friction massage must be given across the affected fibers. The thicker and stronger a normal structure, the more important friction is given strictly across the grain.
  3. The therapist’s fingers and patient’s skin must move as one, otherwise moving subcutaneous fascia against muscle or ligament could lead to blister formation or subcutaneous bruising.
  4. The friction massage must have sufficient sweep and be deep enough.
  5. The patient must be in a comfortable position.

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